ERIK-1 Lengths up to 95 feet SOLAS USCG Approval Series 160.117/6/0
ERIK-2 Lengths up to 110 feet SOLAS USCG Approval Series 160.117/7/0

12-1/4″ inch step spacing

  • The A. L. Don Embarkation Ladder replaces the obsolete old style “Chain Suspension Ladder”.
  • ERIK 1 Ladder has steps of hardwood. ERIK 2 ladder has all synthetic steps made from Dupont® high impact strength surlyn HP. All steps are painted international orange.
  • All steps have non-skid grit applied to the surface of all steps using 2-part epoxy.
  • All U. S. C. G. ladders have the A. L. Don patented clamp made from Dupont® high impact strength surlyn HP that is designed for quick step replacement with no special tools.
  • The suspension rope is one continuous length on each side comprised of ¾” diameter 3-strand synthetic PolyPro-Dacron with a white outer jacket with a safety core of a contrasting color to the outer jacket.
  • Replacement steps/spreaders are white in color designed in the same manner as the original steps/spreaders to allow for quick replacement.
  • Both ERIK 1 and ERIK 2 come with a two (2) foot tail complete with thimble/ring assembly.