Test Certs!

New EPA Approved Cleaners

Dirrect Power Cleaners

Meet todays stringent environmental regulations without compromising industrial-strength cleaning power! Atlantic Cordage is proud to introduce a new line of high-performance industrial cleaners which are among a small percentage of products on the market today recognized by the EPA for safe direct release. A family of DIRRECT Power formulations is available to meet a range of needs.

DIRRECT Power Blue (Industrial Strength Cleaner)

Use on metal, gelcoat, fiberglass, plastic and other surfaces-will not harm rubber, neoprene, 3M decals etc. Ideal product for cleaning bus, train, boats and ships as well as equipment and machinery.

DIRRECT Power Green (Nin-Emulsifying Cleaner)

Two-phase cleaner seperates oil for easy hydrocarbon removal; ideal for use with oil-water seperators
Once properly seperated and free of oils, cleaner can be recycled, reused or released in the environment or sanitary sewer system.

Atlantic participates in Barge Day

Once again Atlantic Cordage will be on display with product and personnel to present this year to the maritime community our industrial cleaners. Barge day is a once a year event sponsored by the US Coast Guard and hosted by a New York maritime operator, this year McAllister Towing. We are honored to be asked to attend.

Food for Thought

You might be an engineer if…

All your sentences begin with “what if”.

At Christmas, it goes without saying that you will be the one to find the burnt-out bulb in the string.

Buying flowers for your girlfriend or spending the money to upgrade your RAM is a moral dilemma.

Dilbert is your hero.

Everyone else on the Alaskan cruise is on deck peering at the scenery, and you are still on a personal tour of the engine room.

In college you thought Spring Break was a metal fatigue failure.

People groan at the party when you pick out the music.

The blinking 12:00 on someone’s VCR draws you in like a tractor beam to fix it.

The salespeople at Best Buy can’t answer any of your questions.

Fantasy Football

Back by popular demand again this year is our Fantasy Football League starting off this August with the draft party! Every year this event gets bigger and bigger with better and better prizes for the winners. The league is open to all customers, vendors and friends of Atlantic Cordage. Check with your salesman if you have any interest in becoming a “Team” owner!!

Test Certs!!!!

Beginning in August all Atlantic Cordage mooring lines have individual test certificates!!!