Lubes & Cleaners

DIRRECT Power Green (Non-Emulsifying Cleaner) 

  • Two-phase cleaner separates oil for easy hydrocarbon removal; ideal for use with oil-water separators.
  • Powerful all-purpose product for cleaning fleet vehicles, boats, equipment, machinery, buildings, etc. Will not harm rubber, plastics or 3M decals.
  • Powerful—Deliver cleaning efficiencies up to 96% confirmed through independent testing by NSF International. Removes heavy grime, soot, salts, micro dust, and other contaminants.
  • Safe—Will not harm plastics, metals, rubbers, vinyl, painted and unpainted surfaces, wood, glass, concrete, asphalt, and many other surfaces. Contains no dyes, scents, VOCs, ODS, phosphates, phenols, or solvents. Performance and safety independently verified in accordance with ASTM standards.
  • Cost effective—Reduces cleaning costs by eliminating need for permits and wash water containment.** High dilution rates (up to 1:300 for certain applications) stretch your budget.