Product Spotlight: Nikasteel Mooring Ropes

Atlantic Cordage is pleased to introduce our newest available line of synthetic mooring ropes. Atlantic Cordage currently has stock in Avenel, New Jersey of the Katradis Group’s Nikasteel (Pictured above), a 24 strand mixed fiber-mooring rope, with supply in Houston coming soon.

The single braided 24 strand Nikasteel ropes are constructed by covering each Nikasteel strand with polyester yarns. The Nikasteel construction is excellant for applications requiring abrasion resistance properties. Nikasteel has a low friction co-efficient, and excellent resistance to abrasion, sunlight, chemicals, and good resistance to cyclic loading.

Nikasteel will maintain the same performance, whether wet or dry, and with .94 specific gravity, will float. Nikasteel is rotation resistant, user friendly, and easy to splice.

Nikasteel is one of many products manufactured by the Katradis Group of Piraeus Greece. Established in 1936 by Konstantinos Katradis, Katradis has become a pioneer in the rope-manufacturing field. In recent years, under the guidance and expertise of the current managing director, Nikolaos Katradis, The Group has enjoyed vast expansion in terms of products, service, and technology due to the unrivaled quality of its products.

We at Atlantic Cordage are excited to offer Nikasteel mooring ropes to our customers throughout North America. Please speak with our knowledgeable sales staff if you have any questions pertaining to Nikasteel or any other product offered through Atlantic Cordage.