Atlantic Cordage Celebrates 55th Anniversary

On January 28, 2008, Atlantic Cordage CEO, Peter Gronbeck, and President, Susan Gronbeck were pleased to announce and celebrate the 55th Anniversary of the founding of Atlantic Cordage. Established on January 28, 1953, by company patriarch, Walter Gronbeck Jr. (Pictured above in Brooklyn office circa 1957), Atlantic Cordage began operations in Brooklyn, NY. It was the Gronbeck family’s pledge then as it is now to be your “One reliable maritime service.

It is this pledge, coupled with a demanding dedication to customer service and superior product quality, which have enabled Atlantic Cordage to be recognized as one of North America’s leading suppliers of wire rope, cordage, and hardware. Atlantic Cordage offers a solution with Defiance Brand wire rope, fiber rope, hardware, and fabricated assemblies; relating to a broad spectrum of features aimed to ensure quality, reliability, and satisfaction for consistent products to our customers.

As we at Atlantic Cordage reflect on the past, and our founding principles, with which we operate, we are optomistic as we look toward the future. Construction is underway at our Avenel, New Jersey location for a 15,000 square foot addition to the current 37,000 square foot office/ warehouse complex with completion estimated at the end of March, 2008. The expansion is necessary due to our increased inventories to better serve our customer base, and to make room for our newly designed rope splicing facility to accommodate the Samson HMPE line of products. Completion is expected the end of February.

During this exciting anniversary, Atlantic Cordage looks forward to 55 more years of expanding success within the maritime industry.